Harvey is a human performance specialist for the San Fransisco Giants and the Founder of The MindStrong Project and a Breath and Human Performance Coach for the San Fransisco Giants. He is also a former Division 1 athlete from Central Michigan University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and Marketing. He finished his playing career at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he was a 2x All-American and awarded National Pitcher of the Year before signing to play professionally with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2013. During his professional baseball career, he received his Master’s Degree in Sports Performance as well as becoming a certified strength trainer with an interest in learning the biomechanics and physiology of the human body. Alongside the physical approach, he holds a certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner (NLP) focused on bringing change to perception and a growth mindset. His breathing certifications range from BREATHE which was established by Dr. Belisa categorized as Warrior Breathing as well as Art of Breath which is focused on principles driven through modern science. Using science and research to drive many practices, Harvey sits on the board of the Sauna Research Institute compiled of world class collaborators bringing decades of experience expanding the studies in sauna benefits as well as hot/cold health effects.

Harvey specializes in training professional athletes within the MLBNHL, and NFL and has consulted at every level of College Athletics (Div. I, II, III, JUCO). He has also aided in Player Development with the Milwaukee Brewers since 2015. Outside of sports he has spoken and conducted seminars with business organizations and teams around the world optimizing human performance and shining a light on the importance of breathing and mindset. His podcast hosts numerous athletes expanding from Olympians, NHL, NFL, MLB as well as extreme sports professionals. Beyond the field of athletics, some of the world’s best coaches, doctors and thought leaders are featured as well. You can find these guests on “The MindStrong Project” Podcast.

His unique approach to coaching follows the laws of nature. Creating adaptation through the basic necessity of breathing, nutrition, movement, and sleep. His work involves the use of environmental stressors such as heat and cold exposure with breathing techniques that teach performers how to shift their mental and physical state in the moment. These techniques teach clients the importance of breathing and the ability to make choices under pressure. Managing reactions and simplifying behaviors to optimize the highest competitive edge. These practices have been taught too over a thousand people within the field of Human Performance.